Endorsements from the 40th District Dream Team

Representing the 40th Legislative District in Northwest Washington is an honor and privilege. Together, the three of us share the responsibility of carrying the values of this community to Olympia. As our communities and economy recover from COVID-19, Northwest Washington is ready to grow the clean energy economy, expand energy efficiency, and provide a just transition pathway to move towards a healthy and renewable future. For us to make the biggest impact, we need you to elect strong leaders at the state and local levels in our surrounding districts — the 10th and the 42nd. As ballots arrive in your mailboxes this week, we want to share our endorsements for the candidates you will see all the way down your ballot.

Your 40th LD Dream Team endorses the following candidates:
Sharon Shewmake, Alicia Rule, Dave Paul, Angie Homola, and Helen Price Johnson for elected office in the 42nd and 10th Legislative Districts and Christine Grant for Whatcom PUD. See additional information on these wonderful candidates below!

Ballots are on their way, and voting has never been more important. Vote early and use a ballot drop box if possible. If you vote by mail, it’s best to get it in the mail as soon as possible. And there’s still time to get involved with these and other campaigns and support all the “get out the vote” efforts you can — our future depends on you!

42nd Legislative District and Whatcom County

Rep. Sharon Shewmake (42nd LD Representative)
Sharon is a leader on business recovery in the Legislature, focusing our recovery on rural counties like Whatcom and Skagit. This means funding for forest health, roads and bridges, high-speed internet, early childhood education, bringing good jobs and prosperity to all of Washington.

Alicia Rule (42nd LD Representative)
Alicia’s work as a social worker, small business owner and current Blaine City Council Member gives her the compassion, insight, and legislative experience to implement solutions that put people first.

Christine Grant (Whatcom PUD Commissioner)
Christine has spent decades working with and advising Public Utility Districts around the nation to increase access to affordable energy and high-speed internet. This expertise is critical for our community’s future, especially as we are increasingly dependent on virtual spaces.

10th Legislative District

Rep. Dave Paul (10th LD Representative)
Dave’s background in education is a valuable addition to the legislature. His record in securing funding for rural health, affordable housing, childcare facilities and transportation projects shows that he will make sure everyone is included in our COVID recovery.

Angie Homola (10th LD Representative)
Angie has been working for transparency and good government for decades. Her integrity and experience as an Island County Commissioner makes her a promising new addition to the State House.

Helen Price Johnson (10th LD Senator)
Helen works with rural communities, local farms, and across the aisle to reach solutions that work for everyone. She has the experience we need to truly put community at the center of our policies.

Washington’s 40th Legislative District elected officials Rep. Debra Lekanoff, Rep. Alex Ramel, and Sen. Liz Lovelett working together to serve the 40th!

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